Jonne Rodenburg



Position held:

Rice Agronomist for East and Southern Africa

Year of Employment:



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November 2005: PhD in Production Ecology and Resource Management. Wageningen University.
· November 1999:  MSc Tropical Agronomy. Wageningen University.

Agronomy, Weed Management, Weed Ecology, Parasitic Weeds, Crop Physiology.  


· July 2016 – present: Agronomist, based in Côte d’Ivoire. Research topics: (1) biology, ecology and management of weeds and parasitic weeds in rice cropping systems, and (2) sustainable agricultural and natural resource management of inland valleys
· Since September 2012: Rice Agronomist for East and Southern Africa (Tanzania). Research on intensification and diversification of rice-based systems, integrated weed management, parasitic weeds (e.g. Rhamphicarpa fistulosa, Striga hermonthica, S. asiatica), good agricultural practices and farmer participatory technology development
· September 2007- September 2012: Weed Scientist at AfricaRice (Senegal & Tanzania).
· April 2006 – September 2007: Post-Doctoral Fellow Cropping Systems Agronomy at AfricaRice (Benin).
· September 2004 – April 2006: Associate Expert Inland Valley Agronomy at AfricaRice (Mali & Benin).

November 2000 – September 2004: PhD research on defense mechanisms in sorghum against the parasitic weed Striga hermonthica in Mali at Wageningen University and ICRISAT - Mali.

· September 1998 – September 1999: MSc research on effects of slash-and-burn on soil fertility and conservation in Indonesia at Wageningen University and ICRAF –South-East Asia.

Major Achievements:

· 10 Externally funded R&D projects granted (Approx. total combined value: $6.7 million); donors: NWO-WOTRO, DFID-BBSRC, Royal Society, EU, USAID, IFAD, IFAR, CFC
· 51 publications in peer-reviewed (Science Citation Index) journals; 58 papers presented at international conferences; H-index: 16

Farmer-to farmer instruction videos (

  1. Striga Management, Farmer-to-Farmer Instruction Video on Striga Management in Rice using Agronomic Principles. AfricaRice & Cirad, Dar es Salaam & Antananarivo, 2015

  2. Using the Rotary Weeder in Lowland Rice. AfricaRice, Dar es Salaam, 2013.

  3. Safe and Correct Use of Herbicides. AfricaRice, Dar es Salaam, 2013.

· 2017 Dr Robert J. Carsky Memorial Award for outstanding service (AfricaRice)
· 2011 Japan International Award for Young Agricultural Researchers (
· 2010 CGIAR Promising Young Scientist Award (
· Online weed identification tool and database containing close to 200 weed species ( )
· Weed science network established with more than 330 members ( )

Selected recent publications (as first author, past 5 years):


1.     Rodenburg J, Cissoko M, Kayongo N, Dieng I, Bisikwa J, Irakiza R, Masoka I, Midega CAO, Scholes JD. 2017. Genetic variation and host-parasite specificity of Striga resistance and tolerance in rice: the need for predictive breeding. New Phytologist 214, 1267–1280.

2.     Rodenburg J, Demont M, Zwart SJ, Bastiaans L. 2016. Parasitic weed incidence and related economic losses in rice in Africa. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 235, 306-317.

3.     Rodenburg J, Cissoko M, Dieng I, Kayeke J, Bastiaans L. 2016. Rice yields under Rhamphicarpa fistulosa-infested field conditions, and variety selection criteria for resistance and tolerance. Field Crops Research 194, 21-30

4.     Rodenburg J, Le Bourgeois T, Grard P, Carara A, Irakiza R, Makokha DW, Kabanyoro R, Dzomeku I, Chiconela T, Malombe I, Sarra S, Ekeleme F, Mariko M, Andrianaivo AP, Marnotte P, 2016. Electronic support tools for identification and management of rice weeds in Africa for better-informed agricultural change agents. Cahiers Agricultures 25, 15006; DOI: 10.1051/cagri/2016004

5.     Rodenburg J, Saito K, Irakiza R, Makokha DW, Onyuka EA and Senthilkumar K. 2015. Labor-saving weed technologies for lowland rice farmers in sub-Saharan Africa. Weed Technology 29 (4), 751-757

6.     Rodenburg J, Schut M, Demont M, Klerkx L, Gbehounou G, Oude Lansink A, Mourits M, Rotteveel T, Kayeke J, Ast A, Akanvou L, Cissoko M, Kamanda J, Bastiaans L, 2015. Systems approaches to innovation in pest management; reflections and lessons learned from an integrated research program on parasitic weeds in rice. International Journal of Pest Management 61 (4), 329-339

7.     Rodenburg J, Cissoko M, Kayeke J, Dieng I, Khan ZR, Midega CAO, Onyuka EA, Scholes JD. 2015. Do NERICA rice cultivars express resistance to Striga hermonthica (Del.) Benth. and Striga asiatica (L.) Kuntze under field conditions? Field Crops Research 170, 83-94

8.     Rodenburg J, Morawetz JJ, Bastiaans L. 2015. Rhamphicarpa fistulosa (Hochst.) Benth. – A widespread facultative hemi-parasitic weed, threatening rice production in Africa. Weed Research 55, 118-131

9.     Rodenburg J, Demont M, Sow A, Dieng I. 2014. Bird, weed and interaction effects on yield of irrigated lowland rice. Crop Protection 66, 46-52

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