Vincent Bado



Position held:

Regional Representative, Senegal - AfricaRice

Year of Employment:



Ph D Soil Science and Environment, University of Laval, Quebec Canada.
MSc in soil fertility and crop nutrition, University of Laval, Quebec Canada.
Agronomist, University of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.


Integrated Soil fertility Management, Natural Resources and cropping system management specialist.


22 years experience in agricultural research and management of research programs, particularly in the areas of development and maintenance of good relationships with national and international institutions in host country and the Sahelian region of West Africa; development and exploitation of opportunities for resource mobilization; technical, administrative, supervision and maintenance of the infrastructures of  AfricaRice regional research station in Senegal; and coordination as project leader of scientific activities. Before joining AfricaRice, he was the Program Leader (INERA, Burkina Faso), providing leadership and developing initiatives to implement the program on Integrated Management of Natural Resources and Cropping Systems. Other areas of experience include the coordination of research activities on the management of water nutrients (MWN), fertilizers and crop fertilization; Member of the steering comity of the African Soil Fertility Network (AfNet) and focal point for the Sahelian West African Region; Member of the first steering committee of WAFMEN (West African Fertilizer Management and Evaluation Network) coordinated by IFDC-Africa; Notional coordinator of the research project to combating desertification in West Africa, funded by IAEA; Contract holder in the coordinated research project (CRP) on the development of practices for sustainable crop production systems on tropical acid soils through the use of nuclear and related techniques (1998 to 2004), funded by IAEA. Four expert missions for IAEA. Two expert missions for FAO and PAFR.

Major Achievements:

- More than 50 peer reviewed publications, book chapter and conference papers. Development of integrated management of crop and resources technologies (IMCR) for irrigated rice systems that lead to improved and sustainable input use efficiency. His achievements include the adaptation of IMCR technologies for the traditional low inputs rainfed lowlands; development of fertilizer recommendations and integrated management options for the main crops (sorghum, maize, rice and cotton) using chemical fertilizers, local agro mineral resources (phosphate rock, dolomite), N2-fixing legume crops, organic amendments to improve soil fertility. He received a prize for the development of a chemical NPK fertilizer package adapted to rice.