Samuel Bruce-Oliver



Position held:

Director, Partnership and Capacity Strengthening

Year of Employment:



PhD in Entomology, 1993, University of California, Berkeley, USA
M.S. in Entomology, 1988, University of California, Berkeley, USA
B.S. in Agriculture, 1982, University of Florida, Gainesville, USA

Specialization/Expertise: Entomology - Integrated Pest Management/Biological Control


More than 25 years of combined experience in agricultural research and development, science and technology. Provided administrative and research management backstopping and advice to AfricaRice DG over last 3 years as Executive Officer. As NARS Senior Visiting Fellow at GFAR, had responsibility for strategic thinking and advocacy in opening up national agricultural research systems to participation of other partners. Also served as member of Steering Committee for the consultative process of the International Assessment for the role of Agricultural Science and Technology in reducing hunger and improving livelihoods during this period.

From 1997 to 2002, I served as Director General of National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI), of the Gambia and provided leadership in Agricultural Research and Development nationally and in the sub-region. Was Vice Chair of CORAF/WECARDA and Board member of the International Trypanotolerance Center.

Have worked on managing spidermite resistance on cotton in California and biological control of mites on cassava in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Major Achievements:

Participated in the transformation of SPAAR into FARA and member of several governing boards, Committees and professional societies.

Honors and affiliates include the Cochran Scholarship, AFGRAD, USAID Africa Manpower Development Scheme award.