Paul Kiepe



Position held:

Regional Representative, ESA,

Year of Employment:

August 2002


MSc (1984) in land and water management and PhD (1995) in soil and water conservation, both from Wageningen University

Specialization/Expertise: Land and water management, biological soil and water conservation, soil degradation, agroforestry, sustainable watershed management, crop simulation modelling, systems analysis, environmental change


24 years

Major Achievements:

Co-editor of conference proceedings on ‘Iron Toxicity in Rice-based Systems in West-Africa’ edited by Audebert, Narteh, Kiepe, Millar and Beks in 2006.

Co-developer of the West African Inland Valley Information System (WAIVIS) released in 2004. WAIVIS is a repository of inland valleys characterizations at multiple scales in twelve IVC member countries.

Author and co-author of a string of publications on Sahelian farming systems, which were published in one volume called ‘Agro-sylvo-pastoral Land Use in Sahelian villages’ edited by Stroosnijder and Van Rheenen in 2001.

Developer of agro-hydrological and crop growth simulation models on the effect of mulch and hedgerows on surface runoff in tropical cropping systems.

Co-author of a book on modeling maize in the tropics called ‘Simulation of maize growth under conservation farming in tropical environments’ by Stroosnijder and Kiepe in 1998.

Advisor on sustainable sloping land technologies in Africa and Asia.