Francis Eegbara Nwilene



Position held:

Regional Representative, Nigeria

Year of Employment:

September 1999


Ph.D. (Applied Entomology), April 1993, Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Specialization/Expertise: Integrated pest management (IPM), plant/animal interactions, ecological research, smallholder farmer development, participatory approaches, proposal writing, education and training.


Thirteen years post-doctoral experience in agricultural research in sub-Saharan Africa (Anglophone and Francophone) and Asia with national agricultural research systems, advanced research institution and international agricultural research centres (ICIPE, ICRISAT, AfricaRice)

Major Achievements:

Extensive leadership in crop protection research in rice. First discovered a new gall midge species (Orseolia nwanzei sp. n) on wiry lovegrass, Eragrostis atrovirens (Desf.) at Ikwo, southeast Nigeria and the first to carry out DNA fingerprinting of the new gall midge species and the two known ones (Orseolia oryzivora and Orseolia bonzii). Developed a new methodology for screening rice varieties resistant/tolerant to rice yellow mottle virus (RYMV) using insect vectors. Developed a simple trapping net cage technique for monitoring RYMV vectors.

Current leader of AfricaRice flagship research project (Enhancing productivity and stability of upland rice-based systems) which is multidisciplary and multilocational in nature with first-line management responsibility for over 10 international scientists in Africa.

Member of many scientific societies and Ex-Secretary and Vice President of the African Association of Insect Scientists. Actively involved in capacity building of students.

Well established scientific publication record (90 scientific journals, conference papers, books and book chapters, posters, flyers, bulletins, newspaper articles). Received 2005 AfricaRice then WARDA Director Generalís Citation Award for impressive record of scientific publications.

Reviewed articles for the International Journal of Tropical Insect Science, Agronomie Africaine, Field Crops Research, IITA & AfricaRice manuscripts.