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Africa Rice Center (AfricaRice)
Africa Rice Center (AfricaRice)





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27-28 Jan

FARA Cross-site research support team (CRST) meeting Cotonou, Benin A Diagne    

1-5 Feb

AfroWeeds project launching workshop

Cotonou, Benin

J Rodenburg

23-25 Feb AfricaRice-FAO Workshop on Successful Seed Enterprises in Africa Cotonou, Benin P Van Mele  
1-5 Mar Training on Seed Production (FAO/Benin project) Cotonou, Benin I Akintayo    

7-10 Mar

30th AfricaRice Board Meeting

Cotonou, Benin

S Bruce-Oliver


9-18 Mar

Chad Rice Project Training Workshop Cotonou, Benin D Arodokoun    

10 Mar

Stakeholders workshop on consumer preferences Dakar, Senegal M Demont    

22-26 Mar

Africa Rice Congress 2010 Bamako, Mali R Agboh-Noameshie  
29 Mar - 3 Apr Regional training workshop on MAS Cotonou, Benin MN Ndjiondjop    
13-15 Apr Rice challenge initiative launch meeting Montpellier, France MN Ndjiondjop    

19-21 Apr

African Rice Initiative (ARI) Steering Committee Meeting Cotonou, Benin I Akintayo    
24 Apr IRRI-AfricaRice Japan rice breeding project launch Kirundo, Burundi
M Sié    
21-30 Apr Impact Assessment training Accra, Ghana FARA, AfricaRice    
24 May CORAF General Assembly- AfricaRice side event Cotonou, Benin CORAF, AfricaRice    
24-29 May Training workshop on seeds  Segou, Mali k Ndiaye    
24-26 Jun AfricaRice/GCP Workshop on Improving drought tolerance in rice for Africa Cotonou, Benin MN Ndjiondjop    
31 May-9 Jun Impact Training and epIA workshop Sierra Leone A. Diagne    
1-2 June Launching workshop for Climate change and rice diseases (MICCORDEA) project Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Y Sere    
5-9 July CARD 2nd Group Countries NRDS Development Workshop Cotonou, Benin CARD/AfricaRice    
12-15 July

 IFAD WCA Project annual meeting

Cotonou, Benin M. Misiko    
23-26 Jun IRRI-AfricaRice Japan rice breeding project launch Ségou, Mali M Sié    
26-31 Jul Rice statistics workshop Addis Ababa, Ethiopia A Diagne    
26 Jul-3 Aug Training on ASI thresher manufacturing Cotonou, Benin I Akintayo    
1-6 Aug GSR project training on seed production technology Kafr-el Sheikh, Egypt E-N Rafaat    
16-17 Aug SMART-IV Project Kickoff Workshop Cotonou, Benin S Abe    
16-21 Aug Atelier sur statistiques rizicoles Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso A Diagne    
6-7 Sep  44th Executive & Finance Committee (EFC) Meeting Addis Ababa, Ethiopia S Bruce-Oliver    
13-15 Sep 7th Biennial Regional Consultative Meeting of the National Experts Committee (NEC) Cotonou, Benin S Bruce-Oliver  
20 Sep-28 Oct Training on seed production Cotonou, Benin T. Tadashi    
15-26 Nov BADEA IRM training course (Eng) Cotonou, Benin I Akintayo    
29 Nov-2 Dec Research Days 2010 Cotonou, Benin C Adda    
29 Nov - 10 Dec Japan capacity building program for African researchers Cotonou, Benin Y Sokei    
6 -10 Dec Final Workshop of RAP (Realizing the Agricultural Potential of Inland Valley) Project (Phase I) Cotonou, Benin J Huat (CIRAD/AfricaRice)
6-17 Dec BADEA IRM training course (Fr)   I Akintayo    
8-10 Dec Final workshop of AfDB NERICA project Cotonou, Benin I. Akintayo    
14-17 Dec Rice Breeding Task Force in Africa Training Course on Experimental Designs  Cotonou, Benin M Sié    
Dec Final USAID Famine Fund Project Workshop Cotonou, Benin K Ndiaye    
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Africa Rice Center (AfricaRice)



AfricaRice is a CGIAR Research Center –
part of a global research partnership
for a food-secure future.
It is also an intergovernmental association of
African member countries.


AfricaRice Headquarters
01 BP 4029, Abidjan 01, Côte d'Ivoire
T: +225 22 48 09 10; F: +225 22 44 26 29

M’bé Research Station
01 B.P. 2551, Bouaké 01, Côte d'Ivoire
T: +225 22 48 09 20; F: +225 31 63 25 78

E: AfricaRice@cgiar.org


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