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Africa Rice Center (AfricaRice)
Africa Rice Center (AfricaRice)





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28 Jan -1 Feb GRiSP NF project on “New Products” Meeting Univ. of Milan, Italy  A Pagani (Univ. of Milan) / J Manful (AfricaRice)  
28 Jan – 8 Feb Atelier de formation en production et commercialisation des semences de riz St Louis, Senegal K Ndiaye    
18-19 Feb SARD-SC project launching Meeting (Rice component) Cotonou, Benin O Ajayi / T Dubois  
19-22 Feb Agronomy and Processing & Value Addition Task Forces Workshops Cotonou, Benin K Saito /
K Ndiaye /
J Moreira
18-22 Mar 33rd AfricaRice Board Meeting Cotonou, Benin S Bruce-Oliver  
25-29 Mar Annual Planning & Review Meeting of the Policy and Innovation Systems Task Force and Launching of Rice Statistics Project Cotonou, Benin A Toure    
4-5 Apr Evaluation de l’ Impact du TEC sur le secteur rizicole en Afrique de l’Ouest / Assessment of the CET impact on the rice sector in West Africa Cotonou, Benin J Coulibaly
8-12 Apr Africa Rice Breeding Task Force Meeting Kampala, Uganda M Sie    
15-19 Apr Africa Rice Breeding Task Force Training Course Kampala, Uganda M Sie    
16-18 Apr MSP Brainstorming Meeting with ICRA and Key Partners Cotonou, Benin C Raboanarielina    
18-19 Apr Launching of the Japan-AfricaRice Emergency Rice Initiative Cotonou, Benin K Ndiaye  
22-25 Apr Parasite project mid-term workshop Dar es Salaam, Tanzania J Rodenburg    
22-25 Apr Global Yield Gap Atlas (GYGA) project Workshop Cotonou, Benin L Claessens (ICRISAT) / K Saito (AfricaRice)
29 Apr-
3 May
Advanced data analysis training Cotonou, Benin C. Raboanarielina    
 6-10 May Gender Task Forces Meetings Cotonou, Benin A Toure / R Agboh-Noameshie
16-17 May NARs DGs meeting to discuss Rice Sector Development Hubs Cotonou, Benin M. Wopereis    
21-23 May Annual STRASA Review and Planning Meeting St Louis, Senegal B Manneh    
24-28 May Design, Management and Data Analysis Workshop St Louis, Senegal I Dieng    
3-7 Jun IFAD-WCA Phase II launching meeting Cotonou, Benin A Touré    
10-14 Jun CIDA-funded Postharvest Project Steering Committee Meeting Cotonou, Benin J Moreira    
11-13 Jun FAO post-harvest workshop Cotonou, Benin S-Bruce-Oliver    
26-28 June Information and Knowledge exchange facilitation workshop Cotonou, Benin M Wopereis    
1-3 July Training on MSP approach and set-up in the Hubs Cotonou, Benin C. Raboanarielina    
3-6 July In-depth training workshop on advanced rice survey methods Cotonou, Benin Ali Toure    
8-9 July Journée de concertation AfricaRice et Universite Abomey-Calavi Cotonou, Benin R. Fiamohe    
29-31 July Launching of the Mechanization Task Force St Louis, Senegal  J Moreira    
21-22 Aug Training for automated M&E system Saint Louis, Senegal A Diagne    
22 -23 Aug Training for automated M&E system Cotonou, Benin A Aminou    
2-6 Sep Training course : Sensory evaluation of rice Cotonou, Benin J Manful    
3-5 Sep 34th AfricaRice Board Meeting Abidjan,
Côte d'Ivoire
S Bruce-Oliver    
21-24 Oct 3rd Africa Rice Congress Yaoundé, Cameroon Secretariat-ARC2013
25 Oct GRiSP Global Forum Yaoundé, Cameroon  M Wopereis  
4 Nov Visit of FAO Director General, Cotonou, Benin Cotonou, Benin S Bruce-Oliver
5-7 Nov Multi-stakeholder platform process training on MSP approach and set-up in the Hubs Cotonou, Benin C Raboanarielina    
25-29 Nov Breeding Task Force Training Workshop (Francophone Countries) St Louis, Senegal B Manneh /
M Sié
27 Nov Risk Management Committee Meeting Cotonou, Benin O Ajayi    
4-5 Dec SARD-SC Commodity Planning Workshop Cotonou, Benin T Dubois    
10-11 Dec 29th Ordinary Session of Council of Ministers N'Djamena, Chad S Bruce-Oliver  
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Africa Rice Center (AfricaRice)



AfricaRice is a CGIAR Research Center –
part of a global research partnership
for a food-secure future.
It is also an intergovernmental association of
African member countries.


AfricaRice Headquarters
01 BP 4029, Abidjan 01, Côte d'Ivoire
T: +225 22 48 09 10; F: +225 22 44 26 29

M’bé Research Station
01 B.P. 2551, Bouaké 01, Côte d'Ivoire
T: +225 22 48 09 20; F: +225 31 63 25 78

E: AfricaRice@cgiar.org


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